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Lawry's® Seasoned Salt

There's a reason why our signature seasoned salt has been a family favorite for decades. The expert blend of salt, herbs and spices adds unique flavor to any meal you're inspired to make. Seasoned Salt was created in 1938 to season prime ribs of beef served at the world-famous LAWRY'S® The Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. Lawry’s unique blend of salt, spices and herbs tastes great on prime ribs, steaks, chicken and casseroles. The possibilities are endless.
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Usage Tips

Sprinkle on French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, hash browns or any potato side dish instead of regular table salt for great flavor!

Full Ingredients


Serving Size

1/4 tsp. (1.2g)

UPC Code

21500000529 (8.00oz)

21500000574 (4.00oz)

21500003001 (16.00oz)

21500806121 (40.00oz)

Nutrition information (per Serving)

  • 0Calories
  • 0gTotal Fat
  • 0mgCholesterol
  • 380mgSodium
  • 0gCarbohydrates
  • 0gFiber
  • 0gSugar

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  • Great addition to dishes.

    Erica | June 11, 2016

    (5.0) stars)
  • Lawry's Seasoned Salt is my favorite seasoned salt. This has an incredible one of a kind flavor which livens up my burgers, fries, and salads. It is a staple in my kitchen.

    Liz | January 11, 2015

    (5.0) stars)
  • Let me tell you there is NOTHING better then Lawry's Season Salt on EVERYTHING!! Oh yeah yeah man! I put it on apples, in taco meat, meatballs, weiners, sausages, cantaloupe, anchovies, if its edible I put Lawry's on it! Oh yeah yeah man!! I even triple salt everything in Lawry's twice!! Don't forget the butter, then add Lawry's! Oh yeah yeah man!!

    Z | July 18, 2014

    (5.0) stars)
  • I love this season I use it on everything!

    Evita | October 22, 2015

    (5.0) stars)
  • Love this seasoning

    Guy | January 11, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • Really too bad the only place you can find this anymore is Walmart (according to your online search). :-( It is the best! I grew up on it and use it in so many recipes. While attempting to recreate the taste as I've not been able to find it anywhere (I prefer to support local businesses, rather than shop at Walmart), I was surprised recently to discover it has turmeric in it. Such an unusual ingredient that is connected to better health. And yet I never realized the flavor was there. I am glad Lawry's is still around. I am sorry it's become a Walmart monopoly. :-(

    Liz | January 02, 2017

    (5.0) stars)
  • A staple in my family when grilling out! Excellent blend of herbs to use in any meal.

    Sarah | July 22, 2013

    (5.0) stars)
  • Since MSG does not have to be listed as MSG, but can go under a variety of names, including "spices" should I assume that your 'spices' don't have glutamic acid in them? (Because I haven't bought your product in years, but I'd be willing to if I had a straight answer)

    Davis | May 23, 2014

    (2.0) stars)
  • I've used Lawry's for years sad to see that it's become nothing more than extremely filled with sodium disgused in the regular orange product. No, onion, or garlic only flavor noticed was SODIUM. Beware if your mixing it with other seasonings difficult to tell. I recently used it alone on chicken and pork and what a disappointment! The price has decreased and so has the quality of the product. Unfortunately, I will not purchase this product in the future. Buyer beware!

    Cynthia Decourcey | March 14, 2016

    (1.0) stars)
  • Visiting my brother's recently, I tried some on my fried eggs. It mainly just made them salty. When I looked at the label I saw that the first two ingredients (the MAIN ingredients) are salt and sugar. You have discovered an expensive way to sell salt and sugar to people. What I want in a flavoring is FLAVOR! If I want salt, sugar or black pepper on my food, I can add those a lot cheaper than you will sell them to me.

    Bill | April 30, 2015

    (1.0) stars)
  • I wonder why in two years your company has not responded to two reviewers questioning if you are using glutamic acid in your Seasoned Salt, yet you have responded to others. I love the stuff but won't buy it until I get the straight answer we have been waiting for.

    Lisa Campbell | March 25, 2016

    (1.0) stars)
  • I don't trust it. they don't list everything thats in there. "spices" could be anything

    Steve | July 12, 2014

    (1.0) stars)